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On Sunday 24th April/7th May 2017, the memory of the Great Marty St. George the Trophy-bearer was celebrated one day after the actual feast day at his Holy Church of the Romanian Patriarchate Delegation in Jerusalem, located at the borderline between East and West Jerusalem, the district which was the passage of the borders between Jordan and Israel up to 1967, known as “Mandel Baum”. (More…)

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Sunday 7 May 2017

Dear Father Theophilos,

Your Eminences,

Your Graces,

Dear Fathers and Monastics,

Beloved Pilgrims and Faithful,

Christ is risen!

In this joyful Paschal season, we celebrate the Feast of the Holy and Glorious Great Martyr, Saint George, who was “a companion of the resurrection” of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ’s resurrection from the dead has inaugurated new life, and in this new life Saint George participated and showed to others because he was illuminated by the uncreated Light of the resurrection.

And we sing on his feast:

Since thou art limpidly illuminated

with the whole light of the Trinity, O all-blessed George,

as an invincible Martyr, as a champion of piety,

as a divinely crowned victor,

save by thine intercessions,

O Heaven-dweller, them that honour thee.

(Matins, Second Canon) (More…)

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On Saturday, 23rd April/ 6th May 2017, the memory of the Great Martyr St. George the Trophy-bearer was celebrated by the Patriarchate at his Holy Church in Acre –the ancient Ptolemais in north Israel.

The Church honours St. George as he confessed Christ to the Roman army, where he was serving, and for this reason he martyred in Rome, from where his Holy relic was transferred to Palestine, his birthplace on his mother side, in the town of Lydda, where a great Church was founded by St. Helen.

This “conceivable diamond of patience” did the Jerusalem Patriarchate honour by the Divine Liturgy on the morning of the feast in Acre-Ptolemais. (More…)

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On Saturday 23rd April/ 6th May 2017, the memory of the Great Martyr St. George the Trophy-bearer was celebrated by the Patriarchate. St. George’s father was from Cappadocia, his mother was from Palestine and he martyred at the time of Diocletian in Rome. He was celebrated according to the Church order of the Patriarchate:

  1. At the Holy Church and Monastery named after him the so called “of the Hospital”, neighbouring the Holy Monastery of the Archangels on the north side of the Patriarchate and very close to it.Therein, Vespers in the evening and the Divine Liturgy in the morning were officiated by the Secretary of the Holy Synod Most Reverend Archbishop Demetrios of Lydda, with co-officiating Archimandrites Makarios and Mattheos, at the singing of the Mount Athos Monk Fr. Joseph, and Archimandrite Eusevios, Fr. Theodoulos and their helpers, with the participation of a congregation of monks, nuns, members of the Greek Community and the Arab-speaking faithful.


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The feast of the Cathedral was celebrated with special brilliance in Doha. For pastoral reasons the feast was transferred to Friday in order to facilitate the participation of the faithful as Friday is the holiday in Qatar.

On Thursday, 4th May 2017, the Great Festal Vespers was observed, officiated by the Most Reverend Archbishop Makarios of Qatar, with the Blessing of Bread. The hymns were chanted by a three-member expert choir singers under Mr. George Ferendinos, Choir Leader of the Holy Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Lagatha, and the choir of the Holy Church. (More…)

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