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“Merry Orthodox Christmas”

While Christians in the West celebrate Christmas on December 25, Orthodox Christians keep the Feast of Christ’s Nativity on January 7. Here the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians in the Holy Land, the 141st bishop of Jerusalem in a succession that stretches back unbroken, by tradition, to James, the Brother of Jesus, reflects on the meaning of Christmas in the land where Jesus was born. (More…)

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On Tuesday, 16th/29th of December 2009, at around 23:00 a detached section of rock from the adjacent hillside fell on the roof of the Holy Monastery of Saints George and John of Hotzeva (Wadi –Kelt) in front of the entrance of the Chapel named in honor of Prophet Elias. (More…)

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The Armenians infringed upon the rights of the Orthodox on the Holy Shrines

According to the long-standing Status Quo in the Holy Land, the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem is cleaned each year by the three Major Christian Communities namely the Greek Orthodox, the Franciscan and the Armenian, as set by the Status Quo and on a date designated by the Orthodox, prior to the Orthodox Christmas Feast. (More…)

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“Mr President,

Honourable Ministers,

Members of Parliament,

Distinguished Guests,

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given and the government will be upon his shoulder. His name will be called the Angel of Great Counsel; for I shall bring peace upon the rulers, peace and health by Him. Great shall be His government, and of His peace there is no end…” (Isaiah 9:5&6). (More…)

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“Your Excellencies, Your Eminencies,

Distinguished participants,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We greet you warmly on the occasion of this important Forum, with the Christmas message, the message of the reconciliation between heaven and earth which took place on the very locality over which this blessed meeting is taking place. Two years have passed since the launch of this initiative in Amman and much have been achieved through promoting this incarnate message of reconciliation, not only between God and man, but also between humans sharing common humanity. (More…)

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