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On Wednesday, 14th/27th September 2017, the Feast of the universal Exaltation of the Sacred Cross was celebrated by the Patriarchate at the All-holy Church of the Resurrection.

On this Feast, the Church commemorates the fact that in the year 336 A.D., during the service of the Consecration of the Church of the Resurrection the newly found Cross of the Lord was “exalted” so that the gathered crowd could see it and they all exclaimed “God save thy people…and Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison”. (More…)

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On Tuesday morning, 13th/26th September 2017, the commemoration of the consecration of the All-Holy Church of the Resurrection was celebrated by the Jerusalem Patriarchate.

On this Feast the Church as a whole, and especially that of Jerusalem celebrates the fact that after the completion of the building of the All-holy Church of the Resurrection at the place of the Cross and the Resurrection of our Saviour Christ in the year 336 A.D., all Bishops of the Synod of Tyra under the Archbishop Makarios of Jerusalem were gathered in Jerusalem by the command of the Emperor Constantine the Great, and held the magnificent Consecration Service of this Church, at the presence of the Emperor’s mother, St. Helen. (More…)

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Last Wednesday night, 7th/20th September, unknown up to the present vandals attacked the Latin Monastery Beit Jimal near the town Beit Shemesh and seriously vandalized mosaic icons depicting events from the life of Christ and the martyrdom of the First Martyr and Archdeacon St. Stephen.

This Monastery has been the target of three similar acts of vandalism in the last four years. (More…)

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By Heba Hrimat

This city of Beit Jala, where olive oil is equally expensive to gold, and the origin of its name is as old as history, meaning ‘grass carpet’ in Aramaic, is located only 1.8 km away from Bethlehem the town of the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and belongs to Bethlehem’s governorate (Source: ARIJ institute).

Beit Jala has five main districts: al-Sama’na, al-Sarar, al-Iraq, al-Deir, and al-Kneis with approximately 15,000 residents. The most densely inhabited is Al-Sarar. Father Yousef al-Hodali, a well-respected Orthodox Priest in Beit Jala, says that the Orthodox community there is the largest, with around 8000 people, followed by the Latin Catholic community with 1500-1700 people, and about 500 of Anglicans, while the rest of the residents are Muslims. (More…)

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During the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 11th/24th September 2017, at the Holy Church of the Nativity of Theotokos in the town Beit Jala, the Patriarchal Representative of Bethlehem Most Reverend Archbishop Theophylactos of Jordan ordained Mr. Elias Zareb a deacon, in order to minister this Community as a Presbyter later on. (More…)

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