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It is announced that the historic Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist in the Bethabara area, east of Jericho, on the west bank of the river Jordan will be reopened as an Orthodox Shrine of the Jerusalem Patriarchate from next Monday January 16/29, 2018.

According to the tradition of the Gospel and the Church, this area is thought to have been the exact baptism site of our Lord Jesus Christ by St. John the Forerunner and Baptist, as well as the crossing point of the river Jordan by the Israelites when they were led by Joshua and saved from their enemies. It is also believed that the cave where St. John the Baptist lived was preserved nearby during the first Christian years.

 The Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist has been at this site since the time of St. Helen’s construction works in the Holy Land (325-335 A.D.); the Saint is traditionally considered to be the owner of the Monastery.

 The Monastery was destroyed and reconstructed several times throughout the centuries. At present, the Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist is under successful renovation by the Patriarchate.

Visiting times are 9.00 a.m. to 14.30 p.m. daily.

Contact telephone no: 00972 543758798

The Caretaker of the Monastery, Archimandrite Bartholomew



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