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On Tuesday 23rd August/5th September 2017, the ascend of Theotokos’ icon took place in procession from Theotokos’ Tomb to the Metochion of Gethsemane, opposite the Church of the Resurrection.

This sacred icon had remained at Theotokos’ Tomb since its descend in the morning of 12th August until 23rd August, the day of the Apodosis of the feast of the Dormition of Theotokos.

On that day, after the Divine Liturgy at Theotokos’ Tomb, the procession began with the participation of clergy and a great number of laity, and the Hegoumen Most Reverend Archbishop Dorotheos of Avela, who was carrying the icon before his chest. The procession followed Via Dolorosa, the Christian neighbourhood which was decorated with tree branches and flowers in honour of Theotokos while the Arab-speaking Christians were cheering, and reached the crossing before the Patriarchate and the Christian street.

There, H.H.B. our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos and the Hagiotaphite Fathers venerated the icon and the Patriarchal polychronion was sung.  

The whole procession continued until it reached its destination at the Metochion of Gethsemane, opposite the Church of the Resurrection, and the icon was placed once again at the chapel there, to be hosted and protected until next year.

From Secretariat-General


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