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Jerusalem, 7 February 2012

Your Beatitude,

In sincere solidarity with the Christians of the Holy Land, the Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations (JCJCR) strongly condemns the recent attack on the Monastery of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the Valley of the Cross this morning.  It is an outrageous violent act of people who use the darkness of the night to hide their acts of vandalism. We condemn any attack of this group or others on any Religious Institution, private or public property.  Especially as the Christian communities are a small minority living in the midst of an empowered Jewish majority, it is the responsibility of the State and its citizens to secure the life and the property of these communities.

These anti-Christian acts, expressed in this shameful way, teach us that there is need for more education among the Israeli -Jewish society and that we need to create more opportunities for dialogue between Christian and Jews in Israel.  JCJCR is committed more than ever to continue with the long-term educational work necessary to root out the negative attitudes towards Christianity and Christians in Israel, to promote tolerance and respect, and to develop peaceful environment in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land.

We hope the police will find those who are responsible for this violent act and will bring to justice the suspects. We are sure that many people in Israel share in this condemnation and would like to express their support for the Churches, the Christian communities and their leaders.

Respectfully yours,
Hana Bendcowsky, and the staff of JCJCR.

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