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On Monday the 10th / 23d of August 2010, the Ambassador of Slovakia to Israel His Excellency Dr. Ivo Hlavacek and the President of the Slovakian Supreme Court The Honourable Mr. Stefan Harabin were received by His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III at the Patriarchate.

Welcoming them, His Beatitude elaborated to the honourable guests on the work performed by the Patriarchate and its mission in the Holy Land from its conception in the early era of the Judeo–Christian Community of Jerusalem until the present day.

The President of the Supreme Court expressed his feelings of gratitude for the reception at the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which is lauded for its considerably important pastoral work and long history.

On the occasion of this visit, the President of the Supreme Court offered  His Beatitude a seal, a symbol of human justice, and His Beatitude offered  the President the book by Mr. Votokopoulos on the illustrated manuscripts of the Central Library of the Patriarchate and memorabilia of the Sacred Shrines.

After the visit at the Patriarchate the honourable visitors venerated the Holy Sepulchre at the Church of Ressurection.

Chief Secretary’s Office.

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